Beginner's Mind

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi

Monday, September 15, 2008

For September

OK, so half of the month is gone, but I've finally changed the calendar, to find the following:

Birth and death don't affect you;
You are free to go or to stay.

You needn't seek wonders,
For wonders come of themselves.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

I've been a long time away from the blog, partly because my main computer's main disk drive is running in a semi-comatose state (meaning I have about three minutes to save something after starting it up before it starts making clanging sounds and freezes up - and of those three minutes, about one and a half of those is spent booting up in safe mode). But a nice new system (with Vista, a long-time Miscrosoft hater, I have to admit that XP worked pretty well; perhaps I'll finally get Vista to look/work enough like XP that I'll be content). The new system is made by Gateway (because I'm tired on talking to the Dell India Division of Customer Support - don't get me wrong, I have a high respect for much of India as a country and a culture, but the people Dell hired were nowhere near as talented as the folks that used to work in Austin). The system is a quad-core system with a screaming AMD Phenom, with a 64-bit architecture (which makes drivers for peripherals kinda hard to get) and a handful of other niceties that, together, are astounding, considering the price I paid for it.

As for getting an Apple, I actually have an Apple iMac sitting in a box in my hallway, but the desk for it is covered with the type of clutter that can't be just tossed in the trash or stashed in the basement (i.e. it belongs to Karen).

I'd be lying, though, if I was to blame the lack of blogging on system problems (well, computer system problems). For the most part, (1) I haven't had anything to say worthy of writing, and (2) I haven't had the energy, physically or spiritually, to sit down and compose entries. A long talk with Mike has sort of lit a fire (well, maybe a small flame) to write, and I kinda feel like writing again. (BTW Mike, thanks for being such a good listener - I feel like I hogged most of the phone time).

In my defense, I have been adding entries to my other blog, Theme and Variations, as I go through my classical music collection in order, and write my very amateur comments.

But I find myself with a muse hanging over my right shoulder, with whiskey on her breath and very hung-over (and I haven't a clue what that is all about).